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13 Jun 2013 Photo challenge for primary school students
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School Photo Challenge – for children attending the Whitchurch CofE Primary School…

WA School Photo Challenge

24 Nov 2009 Creative Alien Gadgets
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ARH20091119-36465 (Large)Students at Whitchurch Primary School invented some creative gadgets that could be used by alien invaders.

What things can you invent for aliens?

29 Jun 2009 The Copse ~ A Poem

Two pupils of Whitchurch primary school had their works published recently in the school’s newsletter.  Their families are pleased to share them with you. One is here, and the other is on the Whitchurch Meadow site.  Enjoy.

The Copse

The trees cry
Whimpering in the rain
Like a waterfall tipping down
The trees all in pain

The copse chatters
No longer lonely
Like a bunch of elephants
Whispering silently

The trees whistle
The cold wind zooming by
Like a quick racing car
This is no lie

The copse looks down
Staring at me
Like the kings of the copse
All the tall trees

Sally Rowles

04 Mar 2009 Call for Artists to Help Primary School
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whitchurch-hampshire-primary-school-logoOur primary school is asking for local artists to get in touch, from the March 2009 Parish Magazine:

We are hoping to paint murals in one of our corridors and would welcome support from local artists.
– Sarah Peters Head Teacher

05 Dec 2008 Christmas Card Design Winners

Winning Design for Dollin's Christmas Card

Winning Design for Dollin's Christmas Card

Winning Design for Whitchurch Primary School's Christmas Card

Winning Design for Whitchurch Primary School's Christmas Card

Two children from Whitchurch Primary School have won the Christmas Card design competition put on by John Dollin Printing Services Ltd.

Alice Gibb’s design will be on the Christmas Cards given out by John Dollin; and Tolii Reeves-Hall’s design will be on the school’s card.

The children were invited to John Dollin last Wednesday to watch their drawing being made into the cards.  The general manager, John Young, showed the enthusiastic youngsters around the shop floor where they saw many kinds of posters, brochures and cards being made.

Congratulations to these young artistic winners!

Update: an article about the winners appeared in the local newspaper! See below…

andoveradvertisermasthead Designs on success as two win card contest