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30 Jul 2010 Celebration of Official Launch of Bollards Project

Speech given by Graham Burgess at the official launch party for the Whitchurch Bollards project.

With 8 bollards already painted (some are just ‘test’ ones but even they sure look good!), the Whitchurch Bollards project is off to a colourful start!

The manager of the project, John Buckley, is a founding member of Whitchurch Arts. Steve Miller, an artist from Whitchurch Arts has been hired to carry out the painting work of some of the bollards.

On the occassion of the official launch of the project last evening at the White Hart, who are the first sponsors of two bollards, our Director of Arts Graham Burgess made a short congratulatory speech which included some background to bollards in general. The whole of his statement is in the attached document.

Congratulations to John and indeed the community of Whitchurch for a fantastic and creative start to the project. A full report on the launch is on the town’s official website HERE.

04 Mar 2009 Call for Artists to Help Primary School
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whitchurch-hampshire-primary-school-logoOur primary school is asking for local artists to get in touch, from the March 2009 Parish Magazine:

We are hoping to paint murals in one of our corridors and would welcome support from local artists.
– Sarah Peters Head Teacher

28 Dec 2008 Windows Competition ~ In the News!
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Window decoration contest: Winner ‘Santa In Space’ with George, Jem and Henry Lloyd

Window decoration contest: Winner ‘Santa In Space’ with George, Jem and Henry Lloyd

An article about the Family Christmas Window Decoration competition appeared in the Andover Advertiser newspaper this week:

arh20090102-9936-large Santa in Space scoops window prize