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30 Jul 2010 Celebration of Official Launch of Bollards Project

Speech given by Graham Burgess at the official launch party for the Whitchurch Bollards project.

With 8 bollards already painted (some are just ‘test’ ones but even they sure look good!), the Whitchurch Bollards project is off to a colourful start!

The manager of the project, John Buckley, is a founding member of Whitchurch Arts. Steve Miller, an artist from Whitchurch Arts has been hired to carry out the painting work of some of the bollards.

On the occassion of the official launch of the project last evening at the White Hart, who are the first sponsors of two bollards, our Director of Arts Graham Burgess made a short congratulatory speech which included some background to bollards in general. The whole of his statement is in the attached document.

Congratulations to John and indeed the community of Whitchurch for a fantastic and creative start to the project. A full report on the launch is on the town’s official website HERE.

05 Apr 2010 Bollards Art Project Truth

A project which is supported by Whitchurch Arts is being dragged into a political campaign. Whitchurch Arts is non-political, and it stands up for its artist members.

I have written to the North West Hampshire Conservative party, Tracey Kirk, asking for a retraction of the incorrect statements made about the Art Project which our Whitchurch Arts member, John Buckley, is involved with.

Information about the art project is at http://WhitchurchBollards.org.uk

Several concerned locals, including myself, have created a non-political campaign for truth.

Chairman, Whitchurch Arts

Update: The 15 April 2010 edition of the Basingstoke Gazette carried an article which quoted a politican making the same incorrect statements, and showed a peaceful protest which took place in front of a closed shop on Bank Holiday Easter Monday.

Update: In response to a polite request in June, some information was removed from this site in the hope that an atmosphere of calm can be formed while the positive work of painting bollards takes place!

Update: Sadly, the 1 July 2010 edition of the Basingstoke Gazette includes a statement from the Conservative candidate, which appears to be an attempt at trying to inflame tensions once again.

31 Oct 2009 Winning Pumpkins & Guys
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Congratulations to all our winners!

All the entrants to the Whitchurch Arts Creative Pumpkins and Guys Competition were stunning. The members of Whitchurch Arts had a tough task to pick the grand prize winners.

Whitchurch Arts along with local businesses and the Whitchurch Festival donated a load of fabulous prizes – there were enough for everyone to delight in.  A special thank you goes out to Julie at the White Hart for her creative shopping talent.

The prizes were given out at the start of the fireworks evening on the Meadow – photos are on the Whitchurch Festival and Whitchurch Meadow websites, and more photos are one theWhitchurchWeb.

Now, without further ado…the winners….

Pumpkin Winners

The grand prize for the most creative pumpkins went to Tina Hills and her family – they grew some of their pumpkins themselves, too!  The family won a Sunday dinner for four with wine at the White Hart Hotel.

Witch and Death - The Grand Prize Winners!

Witch and Death - The Grand Prize Winners!

Second prize went to Lorraine Darling for her meticulously carved pumpkin depicting the star of the movie ‘Twilight’.

Twilight Pumpkin - 2nd Place

Twilight Pumpkin - 2nd Place

Third prize went to Abigail Davis and her family who created a pumpkin with wavy teeth.

Wavy Teeth - 3rd Place

Wavy Teeth - 3rd Place

Honourable mention went to the children who are minded by Kathy Hardy on Winchester St – they had a garden full of wonderful pumpkins.  A great pumpkin patch!

Minder Minder - Honourable Mention for their Patch of Pumpkins

Minder Minder - Honourable Mention for their Patch of Pumpkins

Guy Winners

Conductor Guy Five and His Pumpkin Train - Grand Prize for Guy

Conductor Guy Five and His Pumpkin Train - Grand Prize for Guy

The grand prize for the most creative Guy went to Rising Fives – the children at the nursery spent considerable time and creative talent to make a conductor Guy for their train, which had two pumpkin passengers.  Their prize is a dinner for two at the Blue Ginger, and a few fun toys for everyone to play with.  The crowd at the Meadow let out a large cheer when their Guy was tossed onto the gigantic bonfire – it was consumed in seconds!

The Rising Fives Guy is tossed onto the bonfire by Kathy and Nicki

The Rising Fives Guy is tossed onto the bonfire by Kathy and Nicki

The runner-up went to Beth Price and her family.  Beth opted to take her Guy home with her!

25 May 2009 The Whitchurch Community Play
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A message from Steven Wells (edited slightly to clarify):

With the kind co-operation of the Vicar of Whitchurch, Kelvin Inglis, and the support of the Rural Dean we are pleased to announce the initial plans for a Whitchurch Community Play  (note from editor: WADS has been putting on community plays for over 50 years; this is the first “community play” run by the All Hallows church).

A production of Murder In The Cathedral by T. S. Eliot will take place in the Parish Church, All Hallows, week commencing Monday 14th September.

It will be a totally open production with actors, designers and theatrical support drawn from the whole town. Auditions and casting will take place in July and will be open to all with the parts being given to the best actors we can find. All ages will be welcome.

Being a Community Play we hope to involve all aspects of the local community including schools, businesses, local groups etc and really hope as many people as possible will want to play an active part in this one-off event. All profits will go to local hospices.

We will shortly be announcing an inaugural meeting to establish a committee to help to decide the basis on which we will operate. Kelvin Inglis has already agreed to act as the Chair for this meeting.
See update below!

Anyone interested in helping with this project can contact me for further information.

Stephen Wells
13 Park View
RG28 7FE
Tel: 896846
wellsinternet {at} aol {dot} com

Update 1 July 2009: The date of the first play has changed to Monday, October 19, 2009.  The next public meeting is 9 July in All Hallows, 7:30pm.  Track further changes at the Whitchurch Community Play website.

Update 15 June 2009: An inaugural meeting, chaired by the Vicar, will be held on Wednesday 24th June at 7:30pm in the All Hallows Church Room, adjoining the Church.
Anyone interested in helping in any way with this project is welcome to come along. We are looking for help in many ways Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Prop Making, Front of House, Publicity, and, of course, actors. We will welcome actors of all ages and experience.

11 Mar 2009 Off The Walls Project Wins Grant from B&DBC
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Assisted by BDBC Logo BlackBasingstoke & Deanne Borough Council (B&DBC) has awarded Whitchurch Arts £1000 towards the Off the Walls project!

This will go a long way towards our start-up and running costs of the project. If you are local artist and want to have your art hung on the walls of local businesses then please do contact us.

Whitchurch Arts would like to especially thank Ceri Adams of B&DBC for the work done to support the Arts here in Whitchurch.   Thanks, Ceri!